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Many Thanks to Jazz Now! Seattle

In case you haven’t heard it, Jason Parker and Dave Marriott have a wonderful podcast (radio program for those of you over 50) called “Jazz Now! Seattle” that showcases local artists. This month they highlighted Zen Tornado’s “Second Wind” recording, playing the track “Sugar Crash:”

Rik took some time off last year due to a hand injury, but he’s resurfaced with a newly reformed Zen Tornado and has been gigging up a storm. He brings a really cool band to the Chapel this weekend, including John Fricke on trumpet, Geoff Harper on bass and Greg Campbell on drums. This groovy number was released last year with longtime cohorts Jim DeJoie on bari and Walter White on bass, as well as Jim Parsons on drums.

Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces


I apologize. I’ve been horribly inconsistent with my email updates so far this year. I’ve been so wrapped up in making things happen, I’ve forgotten to tell anyone about them. I’m happy to say that coming out of a very difficult year, I’ve recently blossomed into perhaps the most artistically rewarding time of my life.

Last month, Zen Tornado performed with our friends Moraine and Somanation at an underground club in Ballard. It turned out to be quite an exciting performance in which we broke some new ground and explored untrodden territory. This month I hope to move forward with that same energy as I present some new music with a magical ensemble and an inspiring venue.

If you see one show of mine this year – I encourage you to make it this one. I’m very fortunate to have John Fricke, Geoff Harper and Greg Campbell joining me to present a set of hauntingly beautiful compositions. It’s happening this Saturday at the majestic The Chapel Performance Space at The Good Shepherd Center, presented in association with the Wayward Music Series. Our performance will be followed by the exciting group Iron Kim Style featuring some of Seattle’s most intriguing improvisers.

Saturday, March 26th 2011, 8PM, $5 to $15 sliding scale
Chapel Performance Space
Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave. N
Seattle, WA  98103

If you’ve never been to this venue before, the Chapel was built in Built in 1906 and is a wonderful place to hear a concert.
Moving forward, next month I’ll be reuniting the Rik Wright Quintet for a performance at Egan’s. I might even bring out an archtop for the occasion. Jim(s) DeJoie and Knodle will be the horn section for the evening as we spice up some original charts with selections by the likes of Tom Waits, Ornette Coleman and Elvis Costello.

Finally, I’ve recently recruited like-minded guitarists Dennis Rea and Jason Goessl to curate a new concert series with me at Seattle’s venerable Mars Bar. It’s called Zero-G and it’s happening on the third Thursday of each month. Each performance will feature avant jazz, prog rock, and other weird sonic species. For more information check out the Zero-G blog at

So I’ll see you Saturday to celebrate Spring, right?


BTW – here’s another clip: This one from an April 30th, 2010 Zen Tornado show at Egan’s in Seattle. This tune has turned out to be an audience favorite of the new set. It’s called “Sugar Crash”