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Back in Orbit

“The Fundamental Forces are nothing to trifle with. It’s pretty well known that gravity is a harsh mistress, but her siblings are just as dangerous. Together they create lightning strikes, black holes and atomic bombs. Yet there is beauty in destruction, and birth after death. Rainbows follow storms, balloons defy the grasp of the earth, and in the heart of the atom we find particles we sometimes call “God”.
Like their namesake, Rik Wright’s new somewhat-orthodox instrumental quartet dances a balance between the strong and the weak, the dark and the light. This music possesses a notably mesmerizing richness of tone and pureness of rhythm that compels attention. All in all, Fundamental Forces delivers a vibrantly imaginative musical experience that effectively pulls together the two extremes of acoustic and electric jazz without sacrificing the crystalline character of either. Their collective musical presence is hauntingly beautiful, thoughtful and evocative.”

That’s some seriously pretentious marketing bullsit huh?

I particularly like the part about the God Particle. But marketing bullshit is my day job. Let’s talk about something I’m much more interested in.

My new quartet with the illustrious Mr. DeJoie, Geoff Harper and Greg Campbell is turning out to be one of the most rewarding groups I’ve ever performed with. We’ve got a series of shows coming up in the next few months that I’m very excited about.

Our debut is this coming Thursday, August 18th at The Mars Bar in Seattle. I’m very thrilled and honored to share the stage with these gentlemen. Please come out and join us for this first venture of projecting our creativity into the cosmos.

Whoops! There’s goes that marketing bullshit again. Sometimes it just happens, like a sneeze. I apologize.


Thu. 08-18-11

As part of the Zero-G concert Series
Cafe Venus/The Mars Bar
609 Eastlake Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98109-5535
(206) 624-4516
9 pm, $7 Cover, 21+