Monthly Archives: November 2011

Trippy Gig Photos #2

Here’s another trippy gig photo from our last show at The Mars Bar. Stage lights often wreak havoc on photographers, but sometimes I really like the results.

In this one it looks like I’m in my own defined space, but everyone else is in a time warp:

I definitely had gigs that feel like that!


What Noisy Cats are We

Last set of the year! This Thursday at the Mars Bar, once again as part of the Zero-G series. We’re on the middle (i.e., around 10 p.m.) and I’m thinking we’ll turn our *RAWK* on. well, at least as much rawk as a a bunch of 40 year old guys in a jazz band can muster.

Seriously, distortion will be our theme for the night, and I’m thinking of doing an instrumental Radiohead cover. We’ll see how rehearsal goes – Geoff sent me a hip-hop version he made using GarageBand on his iPhone, and that has me a little worried…

I’ll see you there – shots of Maker’s are on me!