Monthly Archives: February 2012

There’s a Whole Lot of Sumpin Goin’ on!

If you look at this blog, ya’d think I haven’t done shit since November. Ah… but nothing could be further fr0m the truth! After the holiday break, I jumped right back on the bandwagon. Why just last week I was hanging out at Jack Straw studio in Seattle’s U-District with Stinky, Geoffee and Greg laying down some tracks with our ol’ buddy Doug Haire.

Here’s one:

Are we recording a CD? Hell, I dunno. We’re just going into the studio every other month and seeing what happens. That’s about as organized and formal as I’d like to make it right now.

We have a ton of gigs coming up, starting with another Zero-G performance in March & then we’re pretty much booked at least one gig a month well into the summer.

So for now, just dig this session mix & I’ll hip ya on the dates later.¬†And, for my own amusement, here’ a contemplative photo of Mr. Campbell taken during the session:

Doesn’t he look “oh so serious”?

See’s ya soon!