Spring Break?

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop in Maple Leaf, watching the snow fall. I just noticed on Facebook that my niece is on Spring Break. Ah Seattle… you’re *SO* bipolar.

The reason I’m writing is because I’m stoked about our Spring schedule. Now I’m just hoping I won’t be wearing a winter coat at our Mars Bar show on Thursday!

We here in the Fundamental Forces camp have been busy recording over the Winter and I’m very excited to hit the stage with our newfound momentum. I’m itchin’ to play!

We’ve got our usual one show a month lined up for your enjoyment:

  • March 15th – Cafe Venus/Mars Bar
  • April 6th – Egan’s Ballard Jam House
  • May 10th – Cafe Venus/Mars Bar
  • June 24 – Lucid Jazz Lounge

The Egan’s & Lucid shows will be full-featured showcases. But for those of you with a more adventurous appetite, please join us at one of the fantastic Mars Bar shows. These performances, promoted by Zero-G Concerts, feature 3 exciting instrumental bands in one night.

In fact, our debut performance for 2012 is a Zero-G show at the Mars Bar this Thursday. We hit the stage around 10 PM. Rumour is, we might even play some Led Zeppelin.