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Rik, Jim, Geoff, Greg & Vito

The Rik Wright Quartet once again holds court at Vito’s in Capitol Hill this Thursday. Downbeat is at 9pm.

“What’s the Rik Wright Quartet”, you say?

Well… it’s basically Fundamental Forces playing some more-traditional jazz tunes sprinkled with some of our originals. It’s still Jim, Geoff, Greg & I -we’re just adding some Kenny Burrell in with our typical Fundamental fare. Mingus with your pasta. Monk in your pudding. Tom Waits as a night cap.

We’re going to play odd, quirky, irreverent jazz in the corner and enjoy some finely made cocktails. I mean, we’re really just there to make you feel cool anyway.

November’s Gonna be a Blur!

November is one of my favorite months of the year for a lot of reasons. It’s the time of colored leaves on the ground, leather jackets, pumpkin cookies, coffee cocktails, the occasional snow storm, not to mention my birthday. And this year – it’s looking like I have a freakin’ fun concert schedule to boot!

It all kicks off with my birthday celebration and Zero-G’s 2nd Anniversary party at The Royal Room in Columbia City. Last year we sold out Egan’s in Ballard and then got kicked out of the Hi-Life when the after-party went too late.

This year, at the illustrious Royal Room, Fundamental Forces will be joined by some very special guests, and we’ll be accompanied by the audio-visual wizardry of Courtney Barnebey.

Fundamental Forces & special guests
Followed by Trimtab & Moraine
Mon. 11-05-12
The Royal Room
5000 Rainier Avenue S
Seattle, WA 981i8
(206) 906-9920
8pm, No cover, 21+

I know it’s a Monday – but that’s why we’re playing early and there’s no cover! Besides, it’s the night before Election Day and you’ll need to be drunk just to forget the damn political commercials. After our set – you can have some celebratory cocktails with me as I’m listening to my co-conspirators Trimtab and Moraine close out the evening.

Normally, after my birthday show I take a break until January. But this year we’ve got a showcase set at The Mars Bar (where we’ll be digging up some back catalog), another pseudo-jazz quartet gig at Vito’s and then a happy hour set at Lucid:

Thu. 11-15-12 – Cafe Venus/The Mars Bar
Thu. 11-29-12 – Vito’s Lounge
Fri. 12-14-12 – Lucid Jazz Lounge

*AND THEN* I’m taking a break, I think.

Anyways – come to the Royal Room on Monday. It’s going to be a one-time spectacular. You seriously don’t want to miss this!