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Fundamental Forces Devour Ballard

This coming Saturday, May 4th, please join Fundamental Forces for our biannual celebration of being. Twice a year, James DeJoie, Geoff Harper, Greg Campbell and I convene at Egan’s Ballard Jam House to explore our creative skills by stretching out with 90 minutes of purely original compositions.

This time around, we’ll be primarily concentrating on all the material that is *NOT* on our forthcoming debut CD. In fact, in preparation for an upcoming live radio show -we’ll be playing the material slated for our next CD, to be recorded later this year.

Fundamental Forces - Lores

Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces
w/Jim DeJoie, Geoff Harper & Greg Campbell
Sat. 05-04-13, 7PM
Egan’s Jam House
1707 NW Market St., Seattle, WA 98107

That made more sense in my head – You see, I figure, by the time we have our next biannual gathering – around September or October , it’ll be the release party for our debut CD and so I’ll have to play those tunes then. Right?

Anyway, we won’t be doing as many club shows this year, so this is one of only a few chances to see us in our natural habitat.

BTW, Egan’s is a small place. You should probably call or email ahead to get a reservation. 206-789-1621 or


I meant to say something… What was it?

perplexed-bannerSo I’m doing a really crappy job of promoting lately. I usually do much better than this, but in the spirit of continuing the strong work, here are some dates that Fundamental Forces may or may not be performing:

  • Thu. 04-04-13 Lucid Jazz Lounge – special performance with Paul “PK” Kemmish playing the part of Geoff Harper on bass, and Tom Zgonc playing the part of Greg Campbell on drums. We’ll be playing with Dr. Daniel Barry’s fabulous 2 Hemispheres ensemble.

  • Sat. 05-04-13 Egan’s Ballard Jamhouse – We’ll play all the material off our soon-to-be-released debut CD, and most of the material on the as-of-not-yet-recorded sophomore effort.
  • Thu. 05-30-13 Vito’s Restaurant & Lounge – I’ve heard it’s a rockin’ good time when we play Vito’s . I don’t really remember much after the 2nd drink though.

So, uh… see you soon?