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Buy Blue!

Dear Friends & Fundamentalists,

I’m writing to tell you that Fundamental Forces has quietly released our debut recording, entitled “Blue”, over the summer. By “quietly” I mean a bunch of CDs showed up at my door in July & I’ve been haphazardly selling them at shows and sending them out to distributors.

Otherwise, I haven’t really told anyone. In fact, I’ve just now updated my website with links to where you can buy a CD or download it from iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby and Bandcamp. We’ve been lucky in that we’ve gotten early radio play on KSER, KAOS, & KBCS; and we’ll be on KEXP in the near future. In fact, just for fun, a few days ago I used Shazam to identify one of our tunes on KBCS, and then clicked through to download our album to my phone from iTunes.


In addition, we’ve had a lot of success generating fans outside of Seattle with our Internet radio efforts. You can now hear Fundamental Forces on Spotify, Jango, Soundcloud, Rhapsody, LastFm, Xbox, & soon to be Pandora. In fact, I’ve been getting emails, CD purchases, and Facebook fans from all over. We seem to be especially big in Israel & Turkey – Toda & teşekkür ederim!

All in all, things are pretty cool in our camp these days! So come hang out & celebrate with us at one of our upcoming shows. The next one is Thursday night at Lucid, where we’ll be followed by Jason Goessl’s newest ensemble.

Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces
Thu. 09-05-13
Lucid Jazz Lounge
5241 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 402-3042
8 pm, No cover

Finally, I should mention that I’ll be selling our CD for $5 at any live show. So, I’ll see you there!