Monthly Archives: December 2013

New Media Onslaught

Rik-ProfileI’ve been quite remiss in posting here in the last few months. So much has been happening that I simply haven’t had time.

Fortunately, much of that activity has been well documented for me to share with. I leave 2013 with a treasure trove of videos and recordings of the band’s activities. It’s actually a bit overwhelming:

  • A podcast of a live performance broadcast as part of the Sonarchy Radio program on KEXP
  • 2 camera videos of six tunes from of our October showcase ¬†at Egan’s Ballard Jamhouse
  • An audio recording of duets that Geoff & I did as part of the Zero-G Concert series
  • An audio recording of our set at the White Rabbit this summer
  • An audio recording of our performance at Lucid last spring.

To get started, here’s a video of a live performance of “Wanderous”: