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Catching up on reviews

A few more reviews came out this week. This first one is for Red, our newest release:

“Wright, along with his Fundamental Forces quartet, has managed two albums in a row that almost defies categorization, mainly because it is both intensely improvisational and full of vivid, tonal hues.”

And here’s one I just recently found on an Italian blog for our first recording, Blue:

“On their debut release the quartet immerses us in a unique world of dark and beautiful modern jazz soundscapes, with Wright’s guitar at the helm steering through an array of intriguing original compositions… All in all, this is a release not to be missed –an exhilarating tour de force by an amazing new quintet. Hopefully there is much more to come.”

Winter shows

Hey! It’s only Thanksgiving and I’m remembering to post a list of winter shows *BEFORE THEY HAPPEN*. Guess I won’t need that as a New Year’s resolution!

There are some great shows coming up, including a guest appearance with Jason Goessl and Lucid next week, our return to The Royal Room, and our debut at Triple Door Musiquarium.

We’d love to see you!


Thu. 12-04-14
Lucid Jazz Lounge
with Spontaneous Rex
5241 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
8 pm, No cover

Thu. 01-01-14
Vito’s Restaurant & Lounge
927 Ninth Avenue
Seattle WA 98104
(206) 397-4053
9 pm, No cover

Mon. 01-26-15
The Royal Room
with Dual Process: Silent Way Project 
5000 Rainier Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 906-9920
8 pm, No cover

ffjhd1Wed. 03-04-15
Triple Door Musiquarium
216 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Tickets (206) 838-4333
8 pm, No cover

Thu. 03-05-15
Vito’s Restaurant & Lounge
927 Ninth Avenue
Seattle WA 98104
(206) 397-4053
9 pm, No cover

We’re the #1 CMJ Radio add this week!

cmj red 1Yeah, that’s right… we’re the #1 CMJ Radio add this week, again! So what the hell does that mean? In the most simplest terms, it means that the program directors at these radio stations have agreed to put our CD on their play list. It’s different from the “spin” chart, which is how often stations are playing it. That comes next. To that regard, with Blue we hit #21 on the CMJ “spin” charts, and stayed on the chart for 6 weeks.

CMJ is an organization that aggregates play lists from college, community and NPR stations, i.e., where most jazz is played. For any week, a CMJ station will determine which were the “top 30″ tracks to get the most airplay during that seven-day span.  These Top 30 charts then go to CMJ for determining the overall Top 200.  That means earlier this year, our debut CD Blue was the #21 most played recording on these stations.


We’re turning Red!

IMG_1792The new CD has arrived, and reviews are already coming in.

We here in the Fundamental camp are very proud of this particular outing. Whereas Blue was mellow, Red is in your in face!

Several of these tracks were recorded during a live session on Sonarchy Radio and broadcasted on KEXP. The rest were recorded shortly thereafter and maintained the same live urgency as the radio session. As I mentioned in my recent interview in All About Jazz, there was a special vibe during these sessions. We were just in a zone. There are a lot of rough edges but every player had something real to say on every tune. It’s the spirit you hope for with every recording you make.

Don’t just take my word for it. A few reviews have already come out:

“Wright is gleefully charting his own course that finds him finding a left leaning Miles groove for his sax man to dig deeper. Tasty stuff for those that like sitting down jazz but don’t want to play something that doesn’t give them room to bounce around.”

“As Fundamental Forces, this fearless foursome excavates the circle first drawn in Blue (released 2013 on Hipsync Records) with even finer tools in hand. Whereas that predecessor looked into the crystal ball of the future, this sequel dips into the font of the past and emerges baptized in new directions.”

Anyway, you decide for yourself. Here’s were you can buy the damn thing:

Buy from Bandcamp
Download on iTunes
Order on
Purchase on CD Baby

If you like it, please tell all your friends. If you don’t, just keep it to yourself 🙂