We’re turning Red!

IMG_1792The new CD has arrived, and reviews are already coming in.

We here in the Fundamental camp are very proud of this particular outing. Whereas Blue was mellow, Red is in your in face!

Several of these tracks were recorded during a live session on Sonarchy Radio and broadcasted on KEXP. The rest were recorded shortly thereafter and maintained the same live urgency as the radio session. As I mentioned in my recent interview in All About Jazz, there was a special vibe during these sessions. We were just in a zone. There are a lot of rough edges but every player had something real to say on every tune. It’s the spirit you hope for with every recording you make.

Don’t just take my word for it. A few reviews have already come out:

“Wright is gleefully charting his own course that finds him finding a left leaning Miles groove for his sax man to dig deeper. Tasty stuff for those that like sitting down jazz but don’t want to play something that doesn’t give them room to bounce around.”

“As Fundamental Forces, this fearless foursome excavates the circle first drawn in Blue (released 2013 on Hipsync Records) with even finer tools in hand. Whereas that predecessor looked into the crystal ball of the future, this sequel dips into the font of the past and emerges baptized in new directions.”

Anyway, you decide for yourself. Here’s were you can buy the damn thing:

Buy from Bandcamp
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Purchase on CD Baby

If you like it, please tell all your friends. If you don’t, just keep it to yourself 🙂