Monthly Archives: December 2014

It’s all about the frosting on the jazz cake

By far my favorite quote from reviews of our newest CD:

“Every player here is crucial to the success of the disc. Without Geoff Harper’s patient dogged firmament, there’d be no baseline. Minus Greg Campbell’s ingenious doubling up of rhythm and lead with his kit, a huge swath of atmosphere would be irretrievably lost, and thus Rik Wright and James DeJoie are afforded a rich environment from which to put the frosting on the jazzcake.”

Check out the full review at: Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Another review of “Red”

“Showing a bent for psychedelic sounds and improvised narratives, Wright’s music is innovative paving a path of his own making through the jazz kaleidoscope. Eclectic sounding with a flare for the exotic, Fundamental Forces is artistically imaginative and ventures into synthesizing a breed of blues, bebop, and rock that expands the public’s perception of jazz.”

Read full text: Review of Fundamental Forces from jazz guitarist Rik Wright

Three Songs to the Head

Thanks to The Monarch Review for featuring a video of a live version of “Fragmented” from our new “Red” CD as part of their Three Songs To The Head series:

“This video was shot at Egan’s Jazz House in Ballard. Rik had been previously unknown to my ears, but when we found out about this intricate, catchy, technically impressive piece, we knew we had to include it in one of these posts.” –Jake Uitti, Monarch Review