Say Hello to the Twins

These guitars have become the only ones I play. I’ve probably owned a hundred guitars, but these two semi-hollow guitars made by Roger Sadowsky have become home. They’re the only pieces of gear I officially endorse. I wrote a post a few years ago that gave some details of my history and set-up of these fine instruments, check that out here.

If you’re looking for affordable instruments for the working musician, Sadowsky is the way to go. You may have to get on a waiting list, but trust me -it’s worth it. And here’s a tip: check out the “in stock” section of the Sadowsky Guitars site to see what instruments he may have in the shop that weren’t pre-ordered. Even better, check out the “pre-owned” page for instruments up for resale. These have been certified and set-up by Roger’s team and are often fantastic deals.