Credit where credit is due

This is probably my favorite review ever because the writer calls out the brilliant contributions of each member of the band. A few excerpts:

DSC_9516 “my head was left spinning by Greg Campbelll’s innovative performance throughout… There are of course some excellent drum solo’s, but the more impressive notes from Campbell come from his waltzing in and out of each track, changing it up midway through a track and then seemingly improvising before switching back into the structure of the tune”

Fundamental 4.2015 (13)“Geoff Harper’s bass playing is so engrained in the mixture of sound that you hear it, but you don’t really hear it. There’s never a moment where I felt like Harper was flying off into his own groove, but no doubt there’s just something incredibly soothing about the way he creates a foundation of calm amongst the plethora of sounds coming from everyone else.

DSC_8924“a track like Patience which features a slow cool Jazz fusion of Rik Wright’s subtle guitar melding with James DeJoie’s Sax playing, quite literally. Wright has his time to shine, as does DeJoie, but the cusp of the song features the two players in tandem challenging you to listen deeper, defuse the harmonies of both, and to be impressed by their ability to play so tightly around one another.”

The full review is here.

It’s so awesome when somebody completely gets what you are going for! Also, my band is incredibly awesome. Thanks guys!