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Jazz After Hours

JAHHoly crap! We’ve been played on Jazz After Hours 3 weeks in a row?

It’s actually been pretty freaky for me to hear myself on this broadcast as this is a program I have listened to for over 20 years. No disrespect to Jeff Hanley (who has done an incredible job with the program), but I just keep waiting for Jim Wilke’s voice.

Regardless, the program is carried by over 50 NPR stations in the U.S. So there’s that. You can stream the program online here.


Jazz Times review

jazztmesHere’s a very kind review of our newest CD “Green” by Travis Rogers via Jazz Times:

“Together, these artists create a brilliant work of Jazz with flavorings of Rock… they create a sweet sound of a walk through life’s landscapes, seascapes and dreamscapes… exquisite displays of precise melody, lush harmony and lockstep rhythm.” 

You can read the whole review here.

And while I’m at it, here’s another review from


Our most recent recording “Green”, just hit #3 on the CMJ Jazz charts! In fact, it’s exactly one year after our last CD hit #1 on the same chart. What a way to end 2016.  Happy Holidays to all!

Green #3 chart

Local review

We’ve received another nice mention in our local Jazz magazine this month:

“What makes this album a true standout is the unification heard within the quartet’s playing. The players Wright has gathered perform in a style that seems to possess an omnipresent balance, with an inexplicable pulse. Wright’s complex composition shines through eloquently, as if to reflect an elaborate painting flurrying with color. “

You can read the full review here.

Too much math!

We hit #6 this week, up 6 from last week when we were #12, which was up 11 from the week before when we were #23.

CMJ 1420

That means lots of people outside of Seattle are hearing the new CD.

In town we’re still playing to the same 30 people we know and love… no, I’m just kidding… a little bit. I mean to say, go out and support live music!