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Honored and skeptical

I was hit by some surprising news today – Fundamental Forces’ most recent CD has been nominated by Earshot jazz for the Northwest Recording of the Year. What??? Not only that, but our esteemed reedsman James DeJoie has been nominated for NW Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year as well!

Now I have to say, my expectations are low… as Fundamental Forces are up against some ridiculously stiff competition, and most them have won awards in the past. So help us out with your vote, won’t ya? All you gotta do is click on the link below, check a few boxes and hit “Submit”.  I’ll mow your lawn if you do!


Feb 10th at The Royal Room

Zero-G Feb 10 for webWe’ve only got one show scheduled this month, but it’s a doozy! On February 10th, Fundamental Forces will be joined by two completely killer bands at The Royal Room, all presented by Zero-G Concerts.

The evening kicks off at 7pm with our reedsman James DeJoie‘s new group, The Ocular Proof. Jim was recently awarded an artist support grant from Jack Straw Productions to kick start this ensemble, which also features trombonist Steve Kirk, Matt McCluskey on keys, bassist Walter White, and a drummer you might recognize – our own Greg Campbell.

Next up, at 8pm, is Fundamental Forces, and well… you know what we do.

Capping off the evening is Crystal Beth and The Boom Boom Band, led by virtuosic clarinetest Beth Fleenor. Beth is joined by a stellar cast of working musicians – Tristan Gianola (guitar), Michael Owcharuk (keyboard), Isaac Castillo (bass) and Adam Kozie (drums). If you’re not familiar with Crystal Beth, well… they are hard to describe. Just listen:


And best of all – THERE IS NO COVER CHARGE!


My wife says I’m not good at taking compliments. Maybe that’s why an overly-complimentary review makes me squirm a little bit. I guess I’ve been squirming a lot lately. The reception to “Green” has been tremendous. I’m so grateful that it is pleasing so many ears. Anyway, here’s an excerpt from a recent review at Expose Online:

“I’m beginning to feel like I could write this review by simply selecting a random stream of positive superlatives. Outstanding, creative, amazing… but that’s not very helpful, regardless of how accurate it might be. This Seattle quartet continues to ply their own path in jazz with a sound that is neither within nor completely outside what passes for the mainstream these days. “

Aw shucks, I’m blushing!

Here’s a link to the entire review.


Climbing the JazzWeek chart

On top of holding steady at #3 on the CMJ Jazz Radio chart, we’re climbing up the JazzWeek chart! Last week we broke the Top 100, and this week we climbed to #65.

What’s the difference? In a nutshell, CMJ is composed of mostly public and community radio stations that target a younger demographic than the JazzWeek stations do.

A heartfelt thanks to all the stations that are playing our CD!

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