Monthly Archives: May 2016

New Happenings

Rik Wright Earshot Ad 02-17-2016After an extremely busy start to 2016, things have finally slowed down a bit here in the Fundamentalist camp and we’ll be taking a mellower approach to the summer. Before we go full-on chillin’ though, we have a couple of things in to be chattin’ about.

First up, TONIGHT! May 1st, we’ll be featured on Sonarchy Radio performing a full one hour set that we recorded live a few months ago. It got a little weird on this one, and I decided to narrate as if it were a Terry Pratchett novel or something. Tune into KEXP at midnight to hear it on the radio, or check it out later via KEXP’s streaming archive. And if you totally miss out on that, you can also find most of the last several years of Sonarchy podcasts streaming online.

We actually went into the the studio the next day to record the same set again – where Jim and I arranged the set to feature the clarinet and much of our softer prettier material. Our adopted fifth member, Doug Haire and I are currently mixing the sessions with the idea of it all becoming some sort of future release.

Next up, on May 18th, is the final installment of our residency at The Substation in the “Freelard” neighborhood of Seattle. Back at the beginning of the year, the club approached me about doing some sort of monthly show for the spring, and so we invited Jason Goessl, Samantha Boshnack and Gregg Bilisle-Chi to bring their groups to join us. Last month Sam’s group blew the doors off the place, and this month we expect no less from Gregg.

Attendance has been growing at these shows, and we’ve been invited to do them again in the fall. Whether we do or not will depend largely on how this last show goes. So come out and support this new endeavor and I promise you I’ll line-up some interesting acts to join us later in the year as well. I already have some killer ideas!