FF_Continua_CoverBack in the spring of this year, Fundamental Forces was approached to do a spring residency at Substation, a new venue in Seattle. We were given free reign to present whatever music we’d like to perform, with no stylistic expectations or restrictions. What unfolded is documented here using just room mics and a feed off of the live mixing board. It’s not high fidelity compared to our CDs, but the there is an undeniable spirit in these performances that I had to release in some form -in this case via digital download from Steve Kennedy-Williams Scoobie Tracks site.

Steve happened to catch some really inspired sets of the band really taking some risks and exploring new territory. Those familiar with the group may be surprised by what they hear on Continua. It represents a perspective of the Fundamental Forces catalog that most fans rarely see, especially outside of our home base of Seattle, Washington. Occasionally, given the right opportunity, we will step outside of our typical boundaries and give a freer, heavier, more psychedelic performance- a mixture of avant rock, quirky worldbeat, adventurous jazz and jam band improvisation. So here it is, live and in concert:

Fundamental Forces “Continua” of Scoobie Tracks