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What it’s all about


This is Levi. Levi is my favorite memory of this year’s summer festivals. Levi walked up to the front of the stage at the Shoreline Arts Festival to get a better view. He stood in front of each musician intently and tapped his hands on the stage to the beat. He’d stand in front me, and then move over to stand in front of Greg, and then Geoff…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my energy by spending so much time and money doing this. Then I meet someone like Levi and remember that it’s worth it.

We have one more festival scheduled this summer. We’ll be closing Hempfest on August 21st. You should come check it out, but I’m guessing Levi won’t be there.

Shhhh! Be very very quiet!

Elmer_fudd-2I’m going to be traveling a lot this month, and while I’m out of town our new CD, “Green”, is going to be released. I’m not supposed to post any sound files until November 1st… but by then I’m going to be somewhere that I don’t have internet or even mobile phone access.

So i’m going to go ahead and update this website now. You’ll find the new CD on the “Music” page. If you click through, you can buy a digital download right now on Bandcamp, and within a few days on CDBaby. Lets just call this a pre-release, shall we?

You’ll be able to order physical copies soon, and they’ll ship out mid-November. Throughout November, the release will trickle out to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the internets in general.



Say Hello to the Twins

These guitars have become the only ones I play. I’ve probably owned a hundred guitars, but these two semi-hollow guitars made by Roger Sadowsky have become home. They’re the only pieces of gear I officially endorse. I wrote a post a few years ago that gave some details of my history and set-up of these fine instruments, check that out here.

If you’re looking for affordable instruments for the working musician, Sadowsky is the way to go. You may have to get on a waiting list, but trust me -it’s worth it. And here’s a tip: check out the “in stock” section of the Sadowsky Guitars site to see what instruments he may have in the shop that weren’t pre-ordered. Even better, check out the “pre-owned” page for instruments up for resale. These have been certified and set-up by Roger’s team and are often fantastic deals.

We’re the #1 CMJ Radio add this week!

cmj red 1Yeah, that’s right… we’re the #1 CMJ Radio add this week, again! So what the hell does that mean? In the most simplest terms, it means that the program directors at these radio stations have agreed to put our CD on their play list. It’s different from the “spin” chart, which is how often stations are playing it. That comes next. To that regard, with Blue we hit #21 on the CMJ “spin” charts, and stayed on the chart for 6 weeks.

CMJ is an organization that aggregates play lists from college, community and NPR stations, i.e., where most jazz is played. For any week, a CMJ station will determine which were the “top 30″ tracks to get the most airplay during that seven-day span.  These Top 30 charts then go to CMJ for determining the overall Top 200.  That means earlier this year, our debut CD Blue was the #21 most played recording on these stations.