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What’s Buzzin’, Cousin?

This Deal’s the Cat’s Meow!

Put on your finest suit or your dancing dress and come join us as the Rik Wright Quartet hits Vito’s once again. Of course that’s not why you’ll be there. Is it? You’ll be there to tap your toes, sip on a Sazerac, and people watch the scenesters as they… well, make scenes.

We’ll be entertaining the prescribed hep by peppering the evening with mellow juke joint jazz and some jass ass slang.


Rik Wright Quartet
w/Jim DeJoie, Geoff Harper & Greg Campbell
Thu. 01-24-13, 9PM
Vito’s Restaurant & Lounge
927 Ninth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

So if this is your bag, come to the barrellhouse cuz it’s gonna be a barn burner. You’ll be diggin’ Jimmy D’s 18 karat balloon lungs over Geoffee’s bose bouncin’ and drops by hide hitter jus’ plain Greg.

It’s the bomb, I swear.

Winter Performances

In-between snowshoeing trips this Winter, I’ll be playing a few shows with both of my bands. The Rik Wright Quartet plays  groove, boogaloo, and roadhouse jazz, while Fundamental Forces plays all original modern jazz.

Thu. 01-24-13
Rik Wright Quartet
Vito’s Restaurant & Lounge

Thu. 02-21-13
Fundamental Forces
Cafe Venus/The Mars Bar

Thu. 03-21-13
Rik Wright Quartet
Vito’s Restaurant & Lounge

Join me for a cocktail?