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Update on reviews of “Blue”

I’ve been delinquent in posting an update on reviews… much to the chagrin of my publicist. Here you go!


“Here we have a rare intersection of very accessible and very original jazz. Melodic, a bit funky, often beautiful.” – KFJC 89.7 FM

“Fulfilling expectations, Blue holds up over repeat listenings. The twists and turns and eclectic combinations of styles keep the listener guessing — mellow but scintillated; never bored.” –

“Wright’s compositions retain the hot and soulful feel of hard bop, while sometimes drawing on elements of third stream and/or fusion. Almost a fused tradition with unique and unexplored realms of jazz; keeping one foot in tradition, while the other foot is stepping into the future.” – Jazz Sensibilities

“Wright prefers a slow hand approach pregnant with meaning and nuance, a highly lyrical evocation drenched in lush tones and elongated notes…A finely extended flight, one that infects and spreads like mildly hallucinogenic bourbon flowing down throat to gullet and thence to brain.” – Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“Human vulnerability is emoted through the passages and concludes with both instruments coming together in a warm embrace.” – Yahoo! Voices

“This unique recording from Rik Wright contains 5 tracks that are as much psychedelic rock as jazz, with a distinct approach to the electric guitar. It is an expression of jazz built on its own influences.” – BCS News

“Rik stands out as a pretty electric force, an original sound vehicle that can crank but knows how space and dynamics can make lots of difference… Nice!” – Gapplegate Guitar Blog

“It is obvious that Wright is influenced by some of the best rock guitarists of our time. Highly Recommended.” –