Monthly Archives: August 2015

Bar Noir

Hi all,

new_vitosWe have one show this month – it’s this coming Thursday, September 3rd at Vito’s at 9 p.m. We’ve been doing something pretty cool with our Vito’s sets lately – which is that we’ve been playing mostly dark and pretty tunes. Lots of luscious and gratuitous sax features and dreamy droning guitar lines. Think David Lynch meets John Abercrombie.

We’re taking a small break from gigging (our next show is November 5th) to finish up the mastering and packaging for our next CD release. We’ve also started mixing a live recording to be released some time in 2016.

So… stay tuned for new music, and please join us at Vito’s this Thursday if you are so inclined. Here’s little taste via a video of us actually shot at Vito’s by Alex Berry: